Health is devolved, Jim

Dear Mr Murphy,

As an experienced politician you are surely aware that health is devolved to Holyrood, yes?

If so, this general election poster makes no sense.


Basically, either Labour know fine well that this is pish and have published it anyway, hoping that you won’t notice, or they have no idea about the current constitutional setup.

Either way, voting for them in May looks like a terrible idea.


2 thoughts on “Health is devolved, Jim

  1. John

    If you don’t vote Labour then you will risk getting a Tory government. Cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    1. David Lee Post author

      Scotland voted Labour in 2010, they got 41 seats out of 59. Yet here we are with a Tory government. Even if all 59 seats had gone to Labour it wouldn’t have given them enough for a majority.


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