Bombs not bairns!

Alright, so it hardly took Mystic Meg to predict that the much-trumpeted cross-party vow to devolve more power to Holyrood might be broken. What is surprising is how quickly the whole thing has unraveled, in a blackly comical display of the worst of Westminster’s back-stabbing brand of politics.

Less than 24 hours after the polls closed, Labour had back-tracked on their timetable. Then came their party conference.


A cap on child benefit. Utterly shameless stuff from the party that urged us to “Vote No if you love your children“.

Not to be outdone, Tony Blair has recommended the use of ground troops in Syria. Another war! Yay! Of course, Labour is still firmly committed to replacing Trident.

In the first few days after the referendum, we’re starting to get a taste of the No future. It’s the grimmest “told you so” imaginable.

Bombs not bairns! Bombs not bairns!


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