Embarrassment for Better Together as Satan pledges support

Senior members of the Better Together campaign were forced to mumble awkwardly as Satan, Prince of the Underworld, yesterday pledged his support for the campaign. Satan has joined a growing list of shady, undesirable characters who have publicly confessed to unionism in recent weeks. Satan“I suppose I had a bit of an epiphany”, explained Satan in his regular Daily Mail column. “But when I saw some of the others who want Scotland to stay in the UK my mind was quickly made up.”  “Obviously my colleagues Mr Osborne and Mr Cameron are very much in favour of the union, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my good friend Mr Farage has thrown his oar in as well.” “As if those three weren’t enough, I noticed that the Orange Order are also staunch unionists. I did a bit of Googling and discovered that the BNP and the EDL are all for keeping the Scots in line as well.” “Looking at some of Better Together’s donors was quite telling. Any movement that shares supporters with Arkan and Saddam Hussein is good enough for me.”


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