Free speech, Better Together style

A series of images now, which rather nicely sum up the No campaign’s approach to open debate.

What happens when this video goes viral, answering ten of the most enduring myths peddled by the unionists?


Oh dear.

Well, what about when National Collective publish a piece about the financial history of Ian Taylor, the single largest Better Together donor? Remember that all of the claims made in the article have been public knowledge for years, cropping up in investigations by the Guardian and Reuters.


This happens. Mr Taylor sends in his lawyers.

Not content to rest there, others have also received a sternly worded letter, including Wings Over Scotland’s Stu Campbell.


Further to this, a number of prominent nationalists have had their Twitter accounts suspended, for reasons still unclear.

Is it just me or are things starting to get sinister? Websites being closed and bloggers being intimidated is something we might expect in China or Iran, but not in the UK. As well as being deeply worrying for a country that even post-Leveson purports to value a free press, it could prove disastrous for Better Together. They are already the force of the establishment, the union and the conservative party – a distant coalition of privilege and vested interests. Faced with a young, diverse and progressive independence movement the unionists are fighting back like the rich and powerful always fight back – with intimidation, legality and sheer bullying arrogance.

Once more battle lines are being drawn. Last week, Better Together remained silent when Westminster savaged the welfare state. This week, their biggest supporter is waging war on the free press.

It’s time for us all to choose which side of history we want to be on.


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