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Free speech, Better Together style

A series of images now, which rather nicely sum up the No campaign’s approach to open debate.

What happens when this video goes viral, answering ten of the most enduring myths peddled by the unionists?


Oh dear.

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Sauron funeral parties “tasteless”

Friends, relatives and former servants of the Dark Lord Sauron today blasted organisers of a string of parties planned to coincide with the former statesman’s funeral. Social networks have been abuzz with men, elves, dwarves and hobbits planning impromptu celebrations, with many planned to coincide with Sauron’s official funeral, held today in Barad-Dur.

David Edwards, speaking yesterday.

David Edwards, speaking yesterday.

“Today is not a day to revel in the death of another being”, sighed David Edwards, former Communications Director under Sauron’s leadership, “Whatever your political views, we can all agree that we should set our differences aside and think of the family that have lost a relative”.

However, party-goers across Middle Earth were less sympathetic to the memory of the former leader.

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